Honfest restrictions: Draining the charm from Charm City

Just when I thought Baltimore couldn't become less charming, it manages to do so. I've never seen a place that works so hard to ruin what's attractive and fun. To me, Honfest and all associated with it represent quintessential camp. Now the word "Hon" and vaguely associated merchandise have become restricted items ("'Hon' flap flares again as festival time nears," June 4). And we let this happen! Citizens of Baltimore — you should be ashamed!

When someone goes to such length to destroy a cute happening that makes Baltimore a fun place to visit, I'm disgusted. If the expression "hon" can be restricted, might I lay claim to "Inner Harbor?" It never crossed my mind before. Now the "Huns of Hamden" are banning the sale of cat's-eye glasses. Just when did eyeglasses become a restricted item?

As far as politicians showing up, what's wrong with that? Don't we live in a free society with First Amendment rights — or will Honfest become an extension of the Transportation Security Administration with pat downs to uncover restricted eyewear and feather boas? If I sell my 1960s cat's-eye, rhinestone glasses at Honfest, will I be cuffed and dragged off? I'm tempted to show up just to test my rights under The Constitution of the United States of America!

The "Honfascism" of Honfest is repugnant. An anti-Hon protest is in order. That would be a fitting tribute to next year's War of 1812 bicentennial.

Rosalind Ellis Heid, Baltimore

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