Maryland's Homestead Property Tax Credit needs revision

Your article "Distorted discount" (Dec. 18) made a good case for a full legislative review and revision of the Maryland Homestead Property Tax Credit. It would be hard to imagine a more Byzantine, distorted, unfair and unenforceable system of taxation.

A quick look around my North Baltimore neighborhood reveals the following within three blocks of my home: Double dipping, absentee owners who have moved out of state and continue to get the credit, and renter-occupied houses that are getting the credit.

While double dipping is fairly easy to uncover, the other types of avoidance may be nearly impossible to tease out, especially if there are cooperative tenants occupying the property.

That being the case, I think our elected leaders should show some vision and replace this outmoded two-tiered system with a lower rate equitably applied to all property owners.

Cameron Stearns Sr., Baltimore

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