Homeless deserve greater attention and opportunities [Letter]

I was quite impressed to read the front-page coverage given to the dispossessed ("City's homeless line up, even as count is down," Dec. 2). And I appreciate the work of Catholic Charities.

Next up, however, would be a series of articles on this crisis. Why do we have people who can't afford housing? What effect does the growing inequality have on the homeless? Why are people with serious illnesses not getting proper health care? It is criminal that a homeless person loses his toes. And why is there always funding for wars but not for social services?

The choices made by our elected officials result in more than half of the federal discretionary budget going toward the Pentagon and other agencies engaged in militaristic adventures. As a result, the homeless and the working poor are severely neglected by such a budgetary fiasco.

It is shameful that we allow people to be homeless. It is unnerving that there is rampant inequality in society. It is a human rights violation that so many citizens are denied access to quality health care. And finally, it is unjust that our government funds empire building to the detriment of social services.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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