The solution to suburban homelessness

Kudos to The Sun for its editorial on the explosion of poverty and homelessness in the Baltimore suburbs ("Homeless in suburbia," Oct. 13). Certainly, as the editorial suggests, the social safety net needs to be strengthened to help all families and individuals struggling with homelessness, and the suburban communities are no exception.

But what about a real solution to homelessness? Here it is — affordable housing. The U.S. is experiencing an affordable housing crisis. Not just in Maryland, but nationwide, the cost of renting decent and safe housing has risen beyond the means of too many people.

Yet a solution exists — the National Housing Trust Act, passed by Congress in 2009 but unfunded. Currently, a bill is pending in Congress to fund the trust, which could provide hundreds of millions of dollars in desperately needed low-income housing for Marylanders who can't afford a home of their own. Maryland's representatives in Congress need to step up and support this legislation or any legislation that would increase affordable housing and end homelessness.

Antonia Fasanelli, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of the Homeless Persons Representation Project, a nonprofit law firm working to end homelessness across Maryland.

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