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Open schools to home schoolers [Letter]

I was impressed by the cogent commentary provided by Matthew Coile ("Homeschooling away from home," April 15).

One way of learning does not work for everybody. School choice gives parents the freedom to select the environment that they believe helps their children learn best and achieve their potential. Homeschooling is one such choice.

Giving homeschooled kids — children of tax-paying parents — the opportunity to engage with the public school system is a win-win. In neighboring Virginia, homeschool families and public school officials appear to be very pleased with how access policies are working across the state. According to Virginia Homeschoolers, families that have tried part-time access appreciate having more educational options for their children. And schools with part-time access policies appreciate the extra money.

In addition, providing home schoolers with access to public schools — whether it be for AP classes, languages, team sports, or youth orchestra — would help enrich discourse in the classroom for all kids by having bright students from different backgrounds share their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Quality education, no matter how obtained, is key to the future success of Maryland's communities. The positive impact of an educated populace has a ripple effect whether in terms of economics, politics, safety, or overall well-being. We should do what we can to make it easier for all our students to have access to the educational opportunities they need to succeed.

Rose Li, Bethesda

The writer is a Republican candidate for the House of Delegates in District 16 in Montgomery County.

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