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Why the GOP can't win in Maryland [Letter]

ElectionsRepublican PartyLarry Hogan

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan's recent commentary in The Sun proves one thing: There won't be a Republican governor in Maryland in our time, thankfully ("Anti-business as usual," April 11).

It amazes me that the Republicans still haven't come up with an original thought since 1980 — and let's face it, even in 1980 they had some pathetically lame ideas.

When will these guys learn that tax cuts for the rich only make the rich richer? They don't help our most vulnerable or increase tax revenues, and they certainly don't create jobs. Never have, never will — unless you consider slave labor in China to be a "job."

Fortunately, we have a slightly more intelligent voter base in Maryland than they do in the "red" states, so we don't have to worry about this conservative nonsense here (except for those unlucky souls trapped in the 1st Congressional District).

But it would be nice to see a little more courage from our supposedly "progressive" leaders. Why are we trailing states like California and Colorado when we have a smaller percentage of knuckle-dragging Republicans than they do?

It's a mystery.

William Smith, Baltimore

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ElectionsRepublican PartyLarry Hogan
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