Hobby Lobby decision a case for Supreme Court term limits [Letter]

The inane Hobby Lobby decision clearly shows it is time to set term limits for the judges of the Supreme Court ("Corporations vs. people," June 30). It is time to get rid of Justice Antonin Scalia — the smuggest among the high court's nine, and Clarence Thomas — the dumbest, literally and metaphorically speaking. Give these top judges eight years and no more. They have called corporations people and corrupted politics with their Citizens United decision.

This time when the Obama administration lawyers argued that the religious convictions of Hobby Lobby's owners should not have any bearing on contraceptive coverage for their company's employees because it is the corporation that would be paying for the coverage, not the owners, the Supreme Court disagreed, once more conferring on Hobby Lobby, a private for profit corporation, personhood and religious rights.

I say the Supreme Court's decision about Hobby Lobby is a terrible folly, and we the people can only be jolly if the Supreme Court stops shilling for corporate lobbies.

Usha Nellore, Bel Air

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