History left out of Historical Society gala

The Maryland Historical Society's Bicentennial Gala Seems to me to have forgotten a few people ("Maryland Historical Society's War of 1812 Bicentennial Gala: Scene & Heard," June 17).

Were any of the descendants of the original defenders asked to join? Or were they just not mentioned in the article? Was it just the muckity-mucks with money who attended?

I realize space may have been too limited on Page 4 to have included more uniformed men such as Gov.Martin O'MalleyandPeter O'Malley, as well as Michael Enright. But why include the quote if there is no accompanying photograph?

As for the comments by Michela Hancock and Paul Winicki, I suggest the next time they attend something as important as this is they read up on local history beforehand.

Judith Martin, Dundalk

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