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America is squandering a precious asset: its highways [Letter]

Brian Dolan's article, "Get riled up over roadways" (July 14), was extremely well written. Message received loud and clear. We need to be reminded of our crumbling infrastructure as we begin to accept it as the norm.

Beginning in 1955, the United States embarked on the National Interstate Highway System. The intentions of this system were originally to increase our national defenses after World War II. At that time, we recognized that we needed to improve our ability to rapidly deploy our ground forces and defense systems domestically. Other vast nations have made it clear to us that our ability to travel locally, regionally and nationally is a huge asset that we as a nation appear to take for granted. Thank you for the wake up, Brian. We should make every effort not to squander this fabulous asset.

Chris Connolly, Bowie

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