Helmet-less cyclists come up lame

I am a cyclist who has done big miles for a long span of years. I am also one who was hit from behind by a car in 2005, an accident which both projected me 85 feet into the air and required more than a year of recovery. I was lucky to survive and would not have, save for the helmet I was wearing. That said, I know what I am talking about.

The logic of those cyclists recently quoted in The Sun ("Helmet bill gets objections from bike advocates," Feb. 13) is why most drivers hate bike riders. They are both inane and don't follow the law, like riding side-by-side on busy roads while making cars behind wait, an illegal act. Most accidents happen close to home, a point made in the seat belt law debate. There is never a completely safe time to ride a bike.

Put the helmets on, you fools. Otherwise, the medical system should just reject any accident victim not wearing a helmet, thus taking the same cavalier attitude as said victim. Unfortunately though, tough love never really happens in our politically correct world.

That The Sun even gives these fools print space only serves inanity. I wish H.L. Mencken was alive to write this piece better.

William C. Bond, Baltimore

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