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Helen Thomas was a pathbreaker — but also a bigot

Regarding Susan Reimer's column ("Helen Thomas opened journalism for women," July 25), Helen Thomas' comments on Israel and Zionism were more than "unacceptable" and "intemperate," they were insulting. Rather than question their own far-fetched notions, people like Ms. Thomas chalk up their unpopularity to conspiracies and domination by "Zionists." Her ideas about the Jewish state may have greater resonance in Europe (with its history of anti-Jewish ideas and actions) and the Middle East (wrapped up in the Israel-Arab dispute), but thankfully it is a fringe attitude in America.

Ms. Thomas can be commended for her work years ago on behalf of female journalists, and I understand Ms. Reimer's thank-you. But Ms. Thomas became a hateful old bigot, and she is not mourned by me.

Jerry Levin, Baltimore

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