Thanks for the recent article highlighting two businesses that are working to provide healthier food choices in Baltimore ("Two city stores move to close health gap," June 18).

I work in the office complex next to Apples & Oranges, one of the highlighted businesses, and have the luxury of being able to purchase lunch once or twice a week when I am at the office.

Until the opening of Apples & Oranges, there weren't great options in the area, only McDonald's, Wendy's and Subway. I know enough about nutrition that I can make good choices at these restaurants, but I would prefer to have a freshly made turkey sandwich or pick up some yogurt and fruit salad at Apples & Oranges.

For a while I've wondered if this type of store could survive in this location. It was empty a few times when I was there. But lately I've seen more and more customers, many with children, shopping in the store. I've seen carts full of healthier options. The other day I heard a request for fresh raspberries (they were out, but there were some great blueberries on sale). So I am hopeful.

The staff at Apples & Oranges goes out of its way to make one welcome. I remarked to a co-worker the other day that I had more people say hello to me during my quick 10-minute visit to Apples & Oranges than I had all day.

The produce is fresh, and the shelves are stocked with a variety of interesting and healthful products. The store is clean and well laid out. I hope more people will stop by to check it out. And I hope that Michele Speaks-March will be there to provide shopping and budgeting tips.

I don't know if your article will get folks along North Avenue into the store to shop, but I do know that I will be going back. Whether for lunch or to pick up a few items at the end of the day, I want to see this store stick around to make a difference in a community that deserves better than a corner store full of junk food.

Thanks for highlighting the efforts of the March family to make this corner of Baltimore City a better place.

Lisa Mathias, Baltimore