Court review of health care law has political agenda

It is hard for me to imagine that there is no political agenda involved in the decision by 26 Republican state attorneys general and three judges of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, "which is considered to be amongst the most conservative of the federal appellate courts," to attack the health care plan which became law last year under President Obama. ("Harsh review for health law", June 9.)

The timing of this questioning of the constitutionality of parts of the law is most certainly politically manipulated since it is believed that the question, if referred on to the Supreme Court, would undoubtedly dominate the news during the 2012 election year.

It appears to be misplaced trust for one to assume judgments of this nation's courts to be non-partisan in nature, harking back to the lopsided Citizens United ruling that obviously was of benefit to one political party over the other regarding the issue of campaign financing.

Sad to say, none of this should come as a surprise, remembering how an arrogant Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, set the tone unequivocally for Republicans in the beginning when he stated his party's main purpose, above all else, would be "to make sure Obama is a one-term president."

Elizabeth Goldsborough, Owings Mills

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