Wage health care, not war [Letter]

It was sad to read the front page article, "Shutting down heath centers leaves patients scrambling" (June 19). It seems 1,100 low income clients are presently without health care because the People's Community Health Centers were forced to close due to financial problems.

Juxtapose that article with several others about the current situation in Iraq including, "Obama instinct, advice at war." Possibly the worst foreign policy disaster in U.S. history was the illegal and brutal invasion of Iraq. And now Iraq is imploding. The usual suspects are demanding that U.S. troops intervene in the sectarian struggle.

As far as I know, those advocating for U.S. intervention have not expressed any concern about the cost of another war in Iraq. Rather than expending another trillion tax dollars in going to war in Iraq, how about several million dollars being diverted from the Pentagon to the People's Community Health Centers in Baltimore?

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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