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Protests are not a sign of hate [Letter]

The headline of Susan Reimer's July 24 column is "Hate protests over undocumented children hit home" but who hates whom? To whom is this column addressed, to those who hate or to those who hate those whom they think hate?

It appears to me that in the era of "peace" and "peaceful protests" and "peace studies," the most popular word to emerge is "hate."

We do not hate children, nor Democrats, nor parents who send their children across continents to flee violence and to get them a college education in America as per the Dream Act. We do not hate multinational companies nor globalization. We do not hate.

Can we refrain from calling people with other educated opinions haters? We used to teach our children to not call other people names, especially behind their backs. It's addressed by a Divine Commandment: "Thou shall not bear a false witness against your neighbor." It's not a suggestion only. Did Ms. Reimer stop to speak to anyone on West Street telling them that you had a column due at The Baltimore Sun in a few days and that you would like some info on their rally? If she had, she may have written another column that I could read on Thursday morning. Instead, she writes about hate. What else might have been her opening word?

Dolores Orlando, Towson

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