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Hampden skatepark represents positive change for Baltimore [Letter]

Regarding your coverage of Stephanie Murdock's multi-year effort to build a skate park in Hampden, reporter Colin Campbell's article captures Ms. Murdock's tenacity, enterprise and passion, but it did not mention that she was awarded an OSI-Baltimore Fellowship in 2010-2012 which allowed her to work full-time to build support for her plan and convert her dream into reality ("Skatepark of Baltimore opens in Hampden after decade of planning," May 3).

As a member of the OSI-Baltimore board, I was intrigued with this idea from the very beginning; living near Hampden, I knew there was a real need for recreation for kids and how ingenious it would be to create a skate park.

Stephanie is just one example among over 140 OSI-Baltimore Community Fellows funded over the last decade to address some of Baltimore's most pressing issues. Like Stephanie, this cadre of fellows has been a powerful catalyst for positive change in Baltimore City.

Deborah Winston Callard

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