Will we trade one chauvinist Arundel county executive for another?

The Acting County Executive for Anne Arundel County, John Hammond has announced that he is a candidate for the County Executive position, which has recently become vacant through the forced resignation of John Leopold.

He was featured a number of times on Friday being interviewed by reporters about his announced candidacy. It was mentioned that should he become county executive, he would have to take a $30,000 a year pay reduction.

He addressed that issue primarily by making fun of his wife's spending habits. He talked about how he would have to take away her credit cards and how he had lost a credit card several years ago but hadn't reported it missing since the woman who found it was spending less money than his wife.

I found his comments unbelievably disgusting and far from funny. If the voters of Anne Arundel County should choose to elect him, they will, in my opinion, be replacing one male chauvinist with another. They will therefore deserve their fate.

Carol N. Shaw, Fork

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