When will Palestinians stand up to Hamas? [Letter]

In response to the letter to the editor from Lena Kahlaf Tuffaha in Wednesday's Sun ("Palestinians are human beings, too," July 24), I certainly understand the upset experienced by Ms. Tuffaha. However, that letter cannot help but raise several questions in my mind.

First, how close to her friend's neighborhood were the Hamas rocket sites which were firing rockets into Israel? Second, what steps had she and other residents of the affected neighborhoods taken to have Hamas stop firing those rockets in to Israel from their neighborhoods; and third, further to that end, what efforts are the Palestinians in that region taking to organize in any form in order to approach Hamas officials regarding ceasing putting Palestinian residents in danger by utilizing their neighborhoods as launching sites?

It seems to me that as unfortunate and devastating as the Israeli responsive bombardments are on these neighborhoods, the targeting would stop should the Palestinians keep Hamas from using them as hostages and targets.

With all due respect, Ms. Tuffaha would be doing her Palestinian friends a great service if she would help them address those issues.

Thomas Minkin, Pikesville

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