How does a store 'lose' guns?

I just finished your article about how Maryland ranks third nationally in number of guns lost or stolen by gun dealers, and it just doesn't make any sense ("Report: Md. has 3rd-most guns lost, stolen," June 19). How exactly does a business owner go about "losing" his inventory without being a complete moron, not just as a business owner but as a human being? I've run my own business for 25 years and I have never managed to lose a single item on my inventory — and I run a race team that regularly packs all of our stuff into a trailer that I drag all over the country. We have to unload everything, set up shop, race, and load back up. And we do it all under tremendous pressure, sometimes repairing crash damage or swapping an engine, rushing as fast as possible and often doing it at night under lights in a field. And I've never misplaced so much as a wrench.

So how is it a business owner, sitting maybe 10 hours a day in an air conditioned building during daylight hours and under no pressure whatsoever, can manage to lose so much as a pencil, let alone hundreds of guns, most of which according to your article are rifles? Last time I checked rifles were about three feet long. How do you "lose" something that big inside a building? And we aren't talking the Pentagon, most of these gun stores are just one big room. Either these people are too stupid (not just to own a gun store but to be in public without a helmet), or they're lying about losing guns and are either passing them off to criminals or secretly shipping them off to terrorists (since the guns are rifles rather than pistols I would suspect the latter). Something stinks to high heaven here and a serious investigation is in order.

Maybe we should sick the NSA on them to find out where these guns are really going.

William Smith, Baltimore

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