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More guns equal less crime

The most deadly terrorist attack on America since Sept. 11, 2011 was by Nadal Hassan, who killed 13 people. Unbelievably, this attack took place at an Army base where for safety reasons no one was allowed to protect themselves. The military police were supposed to do all the protecting. Shamefully, that's not quite how it worked out.

It happened that the only one with a gun was a female police officer who responded to a 911 call. Anyone with a gun could have stopped Mr. Hassan in Texas or Jared Lee Loughner in Arizona. Citizens did get involved in both cases and did save lives despite the lack of a weapon. A weapon in both cases could have saved more lives and maybe some money because sentences delivered then couldn't be reversed by any judge tomorrow.

Maryland and New York are begging for a Hassan-style murderous assault because we, Maryland, are being stupid. Cops are never where they are needed because while criminals are dumb most, will make sure that the coast is clear before they do stupid things. Does any one remember who has captured and restrained the most dangerous of air travelers? Citizens have done it more than law enforcement. Remember Flight 93?

The Sun's editorial board will witness a massacre one day and then they might get it. More guns equate to less crime. Why do they use police presence to reduce crime? More guns equate to less crime. When the governor of this state or Baltimore's mayor go anywhere, they are lead by several guys with guns. Why? More guns equal less crime.

Anyone remember the late Councilman Kenneth Harris? He didn't need a gun because he didn't carry a lot of money and the only thing he had to protect was a mortgage, a wife, and some kids. Cops and Maryland laws kept him real safe didn't they?

Bill Krehnbrink

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