The daydream of self-defense with guns

The latest protest from some of Maryland's counties refusing to honor the new gun law is very revealing ("Sheriff won't enforce gun law," June 6).

There was a day when we shot rabbits, squirrels and deer because they were in the actual food chain. They were the meal on the table. Not so today.

Expert opinions have shown that even professional gun handler, have emotional problems when they have to draw their weapons in a crisis. So the claim for self-defense is at best, a daydream. The final straw was when gun owners could not get enough signatures to put the bill up for a referendum.

What is missing in this gun battle? The truth about gun ownership. The thrill of owning a gun, the same thrill that antique car owners feel when they take the old buggy out for a spin.

The hypocrisy is that gun owners do not want to be labeled as gun lovers. That exposes their weakness. The fun of holding the gun, the excitement when showing off some exotic piece at a gun show or at the range and the feeling of the recoil when the weapon is fired. Just like golfers, they are members of a clan.

Gun lovers should stop trying to hide their affection for guns behind a claim of the Second Amendment and self-defense. They should come out of the closet and profess their love for their hobby. That would be truly American.

John Holter

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