Maryland's gun control victory

Will Maryland continue to fight the NRA and President Trump over needed rules and regulations?

I reacted with glee when I saw the article, "Appeals court upholds gun ban" (Feb. 22). As the article points out the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals "upheld Maryland's ban on assault rifles" as these weapons "are not entitled to protection under the Second Amendment."   

As the Trump administration moves into high gear, we must resist its policies. And one way to resist is to act at the local and state levels. Maryland's ban on assault weapons is an act of resistance. The court's decision presumably was not welcomed by President Donald Trump or the National Rifle Association. 

Despite the assault rifle ban, the NRA was active in Congress. On Feb. 15, the U.S. Senate voted in favor of a joint resolution already passed by the House that would block an Obama administration rule which tried to limit the sale of guns to mentally disabled individuals. This rule would have required the Social Security Administration to report to the U.S. Attorney General individuals receiving certain kinds of mental health disability benefits so that this information could be used in firearm background checks.

President Barack Obama's rule was a response to the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. For sure, Congress and the White House will continue to run roughshod over common sense rules and regulations. We the people must continue to be in the streets to speak out and register our indignation. 

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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