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Lisa Gladden's prison corruption non sequitur

I have to applaud Sen. Lisa Gladden for her creative assertion that if future female correctional officers are hired on the basis of having a college degree they would be immune to the sexual advances of male inmates ("Guards protected from discipline, FBI says," April 25).

Apparently, Senator Gladden feels that a woman who is better educated than a male inmate who is high school drop-out would be immune to his charms. "If you had college graduates, four-year graduates, do you think they're going to be messing around with a guy who dropped out of high school?" The senator observed. "You have got to find a way to make sure that what the guards need is not something that the inmates can give, if you know what I mean."

Say what?

I never in my wildest imagination would think of a college degree as a contraceptive measure or that female correctional officers can only get what they need from incarcerated men. Maybe a more selective vetting system can possibly ensure female correction officers don't fall for inmate Casanovas.

Jim Giza, Baltimore

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