The absurdity, and scariness, of the Irene blame game

I enjoyed reading Steven Grossman's recent op-ed in which he cleverly pointed out the absurdity of anti-science, creationist-thinking public figures who have a propensity for blaming natural disasters on political enemies ("Hurricane Irene: an almighty wind?" Sept.1).

For example, big spending government, gays, lesbians and pro-choice folks were among those who, through the years, have been accused by elected officials (Rep. Michele Bachmann) or televangelists (Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, etc.) as perpetrators of hurricanes, earthquakes, the attacks of 9/11 and the like, as these events are alleged to be the result of God's supposed disdain for these people.

While Mr. Grossman's column was worthy of a chuckle or two, the scary aspect of this God's retribution mindset is that there are a lot of people — too many, in fact — who believe such nonsense.

Steve Charing, Clarksville

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