The Grand Prix can still be a signature event for Baltimore

Even if the promoters of this year's Grand Prix can't pay all their bills by the end of the year, Baltimore should not give up on auto racing. There are others out there who can run this event.

Baltimore Racing Development was able to promote the race, but they fell short on knowing how to run one. Yet I am sure another organization can be put together that will bring a successful race to fruition in a very short time. The infrastructure is now here. The hardest race is the first one, and Baltimore has now done that.

Baltimore has the opportunity and location to become the "East Coast Long Beach." Some of the Indy Car drivers are already saying this. The course is challenging and the racing will keep fans coming back for more. I look forward to the day when people think of Labor Day as being the Baltimore Grand Prix just as Memorial Day weekend is The Indy 500 and the first Saturday in May is the Kentucky Derby.

Let's all work together to bring it back next year.

Greg Falk, Westminster

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