Of course the governor's race is depressing in one-party Maryland [Letter]

Of course there is no real discourse or difference between the gubernatorial candidates for Maryland, for the press refuses to recognize parties other than the Democrats ("Back seat bickering," April 22). This is what you get in a "one party state": six figure career politicians looking for a promotion. This would change if there were real reporting and examination of the current issues by the constitutionally delegated "free press."

As for the candidates, their advertisements prove everything. Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler makes it clear that he has never read a freshman year textbook on economics, for he has no idea how corporate taxes work. Every time I see his ad, I respond, "That's now how this works! That's not how any of this works!"

Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown is trying to get the votes of the black churches which do not support the foundation of the modern Democratic party: abortion.

Joe Schultz

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