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Governor's race needs substance [Letter]

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In a single issue, The Baltimore Sun had three articles I found interesting. The first was "Brown: Gansler comments 'reckless'" (April 23). I agree with the lieutenant governor that Attorney General Douglas Gansler's remarks show a lack of judgment about veterans and that he made a big mistake with his comment that Anthony Brown's service in Iraq was not a "real job."

I thank the lieutenant governor for his service and congratulate him on being awarded a bronze star, but it would also seem that Mr. Brown has no accomplishments as lieutenant governor to offer to the voters of Maryland. The remark merely leaves him free to talk about something other than supposedly being the point person in charge of the health insurance roll out disaster.

The second piece of note was the editorial on the governor's race ("Back seat bickering"). It noted that the "Gansler-Brown sparring is doing little to illuminate voters' choice for who should be Maryland's next governor." I agree completely. We only have two months before the primary, and I'm having a difficult time trying to decide on anyone I would care to vote for. How about running ads that give us facts, achievements and abilities?

Finally, the third was the commentary by Benjamin Todd Jealous ("Ad hominem attacks"). Even though the disclaimer at the end of the commentary says Mr. Jealous has not endorsed anyone for governor, it reads as though it was written by Mr. Brown's campaign. It's time for every person running for governor to start telling us, as Mr. Jealous suggests, about his or her readiness for office.

David Gosey, Towson

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ElectionsRegional AuthorityExecutive BranchGovernmentAnthony BrownDouglas F. Gansler
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