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Are the president and Congress still getting paid?

Barack ObamaU.S. CongressU.S. Postal Service

Why is it with a government shut-down that though many will go without pay, I see no mention that President Barack Obama and Congress will be affected? Perhaps there might be some progress if their own salary was cut.

Indeed, if the budget needs balancing, why doesn't Mr. Obama, the CEO, institute a total across-the-board 5-to-10 percent reduction in pay of all federal employees? That would include his own, Congress, every department and agency, the military and the U.S. Postal Service down to the lowest paid employee. It would require the push of few computer buttons, no one gets laid off or furloughed and everyone still has a paycheck.

But why only us, they will ask. Because it's your company.

George Wroe, Glyndon

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Barack ObamaU.S. CongressU.S. Postal Service