Government's top priority: Get out of the way

In his recent commentary, Robert Embry uses Baltimore City public health initiatives to make the point that there are some things only government could accomplish ("Government does good; here's proof," Oct. 24). I disagree.

Except for the lead paint poisoning example, these do not serve the greater majority of us as taxpayers in this state. Baltimore's historically high infection rates for AIDS, syphilis, and the parental decision to not have their children vaccinated for mumps and measles all point to immoral or risky behaviors and parental choice not to follow the common sense health guidelines that the majority of us follow.

What I want from government at any level is to protect my food and drugs, protect my country and keep the infrastructure (roads, bridges and transportation) in good shape. Beyond that, government needs to get out of the way in most of our work and personal lives.

Jim Rogers, Baltimore

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