Sequester is not just GOP's fault

It is nice to know that The Sun has received the White House talking points on the sequester and written an editorial based on them, as I expect nothing less from you ("The GOP sequester," Feb. 22). Blame can be attached to both sides.

The Democrats and President Barack Obama came up with the idea first, then the GOP helped pass it with Democratic help and President Obama's signature. Now, it is another fiscal cliff. But 2.4 percent of the current annual spending is a non-event. Any semi-responsible company could find that amount in their annual budget. The carrier delay to the Persian Gulf was likely more posturing against the sequester then real budget worries.

President Obama has raised taxes, and now he only wants to "stabilize" the deficit, not reduce it. Neither party seems to want to put forth specific budget reforms from closing tax loopholes to addressing Medicaid. So don't just blame the GOP, take off those rose-colored glasses and report what would really be required to reduce the deficit.

Douglas Clendaniel

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