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Schaller's column down on conservatives, as usual [Letter]

I was going to congratulate columnist Thomas F. Schaller, who I actually thought might write something in a recent column that didn't tear down conservatives or the GOP ("Paper or plastic?" April 15).

But he sucked me in and then hit me with this stupid statement: "I wish some of the conservatives who complain incessantly about the predations of 'Big Brother' governments they fear are tracking their gun purchases would raise at least the occasional objection to how much corporations now know about the rest of our consumer behaviors."

I seem to remember Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger writing in The Sun about his concerns about privacy, the government and National Security Agency. I have lots of liberal friends who are also concerned about their privacy, many of whom are also gun owners.

But Mr. Schaller did manage to get in his usual dig at people on the right and again tried to paint them as something they are not.

Craig Garfield, Ellicott City

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