Obama's conduct at heart of scandals

I find it unbelievable that The Sun would editorialize that the story is not the IRS going after conservative groups or the Benghazi situation being mismanaged and the administration misinforming the public but how the GOP is overreaching ("GOP can't help itself," May 21). The manager of the IRS Tax Exempt Division is pleading the 5th, so she obviously knows something and is unwilling to tell the truth. She received big bonuses (approved by President Barack Obama) the last two years. Anyone with an IQ of over 100 knows there is a big problem here. To blame the GOP is just wrong.

As to Benghazi, why was the ambassador there in the first place if the money wasn't available to give him appropriate security? President Obama wants to blame the GOP because not enough money was budgeted. He could have not sent him — or better yet, the president might have skipped a golf trip and used that money to defend him.

If Mr. Obama just led and managed, instead of politicizing everything, we would have a live ambassador and the IRS would not be an issue.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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