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Don't trust a Republican for governor [Letter]

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Dan Rodricks' recent column extolling one Republican candidate for governor as moderate is nonsense ("Republicans getting down to business," June 21). He noted how this guy was not going to get into the abortion issue. Yep, the same lie that was said by the current governor of North Carolina. The same thing on gay marriage because "the people have spoken." That is not moderate, that is a reality because they lost that battle.

I won't vote for any Republican, ever. As a party, they have been in lock step against every proposal put forth by President Barack Obama. They have anti-gay language in their national platform. They have closed down opportunities for rape victims to get abortions. They are anti-environment and anti-union. They are anti-immigrant. They are war-mongers with few exceptions. They are anti-living wage. They are pro-corporate funding for themselves so they can buy elections. They are pro-voter suppression.

There might be a cute rat that you might want to have as a pet, but you let it out and you will regret it. Just look at the nutty stuff our former "moderate" Republican governor writes each week in The Sun.

Frank Fletcher, Baltimore

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ElectionsExecutive BranchGovernmentSame-Sex MarriageBarack Obama
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