GOP obstructionists have no room to complain

I have been reading with profound amazement, the opinions of the Republican voters in The Sun. For a group of humans that, as a party, nearly destroyed the United States to be upset with the current administration's handling of this crisis is remarkable.

The Republicans under George W. Bush set fire to the barn and ran like arsonists. In came the new fire chief, Barack Obama, and he put out the fire. The barn had a lot of smoke and water damage, but it was fixable. So Chief Obama set out to rebuild.

Not so fast. The Republicans decided, even before the smoke cleared, that they would not lift a finger to help in the project. And for the last four years, they have sat on the hillside and complained about the sluggish work that the Obama group has done.

The Obama administration has had to rebuild the barn, board by board and nail by nail, without even the slightest help from the Republican politicians or voters.

To forget the history of this political strategy, and act as if we are starting a new chapter, is unacceptable, un-American and an insult to democracy.

John Holter, Baltimore

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