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Voting for the Republican, by default

I sympathize with the letter Dovey Kahn wrote in today's Baltimore Sun ("Obama by default," Sept. 6). Just as some will hold their nose and vote for President Obama in 2012, I held my nose and voted for John McCain in 2008, and I'll likely be holding my nose again in 2012.

I'm a tea party guy, which means I want less spending, smaller government and someone who'll balance the books. That means I won't be voting for President Obama. But I'm also agnostic, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, and I detest our involvement in wars we have no business being part of. That makes Republican candidates like Texas Gov. Rick Perry Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sen. Rick Santorum the lesser of two evils in a matchup versus President Obama. And former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney doesn't have a fiscal record that appeals to me. Rep. Ron Paul comes the closest to my own views, and I'll support him, but he's likely going to be irrelevant by the time the primaries roll around here to Maryland.

It's frustrating because I believe there's a lot more common ground between voters than what we see portrayed by pundits and the press. I may be tea party, but I'm certainly not opposed to closing loopholes and ending subsides. I'm not even against increasing taxes on the wealthiest earners. My liberal friends aren't stomping their feet for another trillion dollar stimulus and running up the debt with more spending. But every time we hear a candidate speak, it seems it's all or nothing. You either get the far left agenda, or the far right agenda, religion and all.

In short, we're all likely to be holding our noses in 2012. Let's hope whoever we ultimately choose is the best choice. And let's hope that future elections see a better brand of politician so that Mr. Kahn and I don't have to hold our noses when we vote.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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