Ehrlich is no Republican visionary

As a former Republican and grass roots party activist, I was embarrassed by former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s attempt at shoring up the party's wobbly planks ("A midterm election agenda for the GOP," Feb. 10). I'm waiting for a GOP visionary who could slash through rhetoric and the tangled mess we all witnessed during the last election.

However, Mr. Ehrlich's comments on spending and deficits were right on, and if the Republicans would only articulate the hazards of sloppy fiscal management and propose realistic reforms, I'd vote GOP again.

As a woman, I'm appalled by many candidates' fascist ideas that always surface during the primaries. For instance, it's useless vilifying those of us who use birth control. And as much as I deplore abortion, the subject has no place in the party platform. There is no national consensus on the matter, and it's a futile political topic.

One message Governor Ehrlich missed, and one of deep concern to the American people, is how to find a way to end America's unwritten (and unconstitutional) mandate to police the world. Sure, we have plenty of enemies, but why go looking for more? For instance, I'd like to see the Maryland National Guard out of Kosovo, a country that poses no military threat and lacks any strategic importance. If space allowed, I could cite plenty more examples. Face it, we are not the British Empire, and it's time we stopped playing that role.

Rosalind Ellis, Baltimore

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