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Republican performance on debt not so hot

Isn't it a little amazing that the Republican Party — with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as its prime leaders — can take a budget surplus from President Clinton and turn it into the biggest deficit of all time and then blame President Obama for the disaster?

Have the Republicans forgotten the two huge tax cuts — for the benefit of the super wealthy and energy companies — depleted billions of dollars in revenue? Have they forgotten the real estate disaster they allowed to occur? Have they forgotten the totally unnecessary war in Iraq, with Messrs. Bush and Cheney talking about mushroom clouds when the only information they had was from one crazy Iraqi?

Have the Republicans and tea partiers forgotten that when President Obama took office, our entire economy was teetering on collapse? That he saved the auto industry and taxpayers have been repaid? How can they talk about unemployment when the Republican House has not introduced one single idea to help solve the problem?

So what do they do? For the most part, we keep hearing idiotic questions. We have Rep. Michele Bachman complaining about government while she takes government money for the mortgage on her house, her husband takes it for his company, and she thinks Glenn Beck can solve our debt problem. Sarah Palin has no idea about much of anything, but she has found that she can quit an elected job and ride around in a bus saying nothing but still making money. Then there is Donald Trump, who has already filed for bankruptcy four times but says he will run if the economy stays bad.

Yes, work needs to be done on the budget, but not on Social Security that millions of us have been paying into for all of our lives. The same for Medicare and Medicaid. Congress should have term limits like the president so they can actually work while they are in office instead of doing nothing but talk about things their sponsors have paid them to say. No wonder Republicans aren't interested in a national health care policy — we already provide them with a free one, and health insurance companies pay for their reelection.

Give President Obama and taxpaying citizens the respect we deserve and raise the debt ceiling before you embarrass us before the world.

Mary Gonzalez, Severna Park

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