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Prisoners should not get off early for 'good behavior'

In the article, "Baltimore Country woman murdered despite police safety" (Feb. 8), Marylanders are again reminded of the efficiency of our justice system. The article's title should have been "Awarding good behavior results in another death," since, not implied by the title, the victim did not follow police recommendations for her safety.

The alleged murderer was released from prison, despite County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger's office advocating against his parole. But, as the article notes, our state's parole commission let him go because the convicted prisoner had "earned prison credit for good behavior."

Whose idea was it to ever grant prisoners who have been given prison sentences for crimes they've committed time off for good behavior? It is the prisoner's "good behavior" that lands a convicted prisoner behind bars in the first place. How can the parole commission define behavior as "good" when a prisoner continues to threaten with letters the lives of the people he victimized and who prosecuted him?

Charles Herr, Baltimore

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