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GM becomes 'Greedy Morons' [Letter]

We have learned the deaths of 13 people due to a faulty ignition part/switch in General Motors vehicles could have perhaps have been avoided. Pathetically, the situation could have possibly been averted by simply adding a two-dollar part to each ignition in those automobiles. Repeat, a two-dollar part.

The deaths of 13 people (or more) was caused by the unwillingness to add a two-dollar part per vehicle? All this hot mess, loss of life and limb, for a two-dollar part per vehicle? It makes me shudder.

I suppose those same wizards at GM perceive automobile deaths due to faulty ignitions as simply nothing more than accrued statistics.

Sounds like another horrendous case of misjudgment, mismanagement and inexcusable oversight by the struggling car and truck manufacturer.

Perhaps the letters GM have developed a new meaning: "Greedy Morons." Let's hold those GM decision-makers accountable for their blithering ignorance.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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