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After deaths at Merriweather, Moonrise Festival should be canceled [Letter]

This weekend's Moonrise electronic dance music festival at Pimlico Racetrack should be canceled immediately. This is to protect the welfare our children. The multiple deaths at these concerts across the country makes it a public health crisis ("Deaths draw attention to drugs in EDM scene," Aug. 5). It's very clear that police, paramedics, promoters, parents and concert goers cannot stop the flow of drugs, especially the drug "Molly or "Ecstasy" into these popular electronic music concerts. Having extra police and paramedics to pick up the pieces will not stop this dangerous trend.

Before these concerts should be allowed in any state, we need to better educate parents, teens and young adults about the dangers of drugs like Molly. The only way we can guarantee no one will die at this weekend's concert at Pimlico is by canceling it.

Mike Gimbel, Timonium

The writer is the former Baltimore County drug czar.

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