BSA must not lower standards [Letter]

I read the recent commentary regarding the Baltimore School for the Arts and can understand what Patricia Schultheis was saying about helping disadvantaged students like Jabril, but the BSFA has standards ("Who is responsible for Jabril?" May 19). Yes it's a public school but the school maintains standards that all of our public schools should have. It's a shame that the standards of regular public schools have diminished so much that the children are running the school, some teachers only do they have to because their hands are tied and parents are missing in action. The topic should have been about how to bring other city schools up to the standards of BPSA, Western High School and a very few others.

What I don't understand is why no one mentioned placing him in one of the non-public schools that the city places children in who are talented but clearly have learning disabilities. He would have soared there, and it would have opened up the world to him.

Even though this author did the best she could and I applaud her and wish there were more people like her, she needed to seek out an advocacy group or person for help. This student could have been placed in a wonderful school. There are so many things wrong with our school system, but I don't think people want to be honest and the some of the poor children are coming out of some of the worse environments.

But please let's not blame the Baltimore School for the Arts.

K. R. Watson, Baltimore

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