Arrest George Zimmerman and let a jury decide

Trayvon Martin was shot to death for walking through a white neighborhood with a hoodie on. The white man who shot him claimed it was self-defense even though the boy was not armed and not even within arms distance of the man. George Zimmerman should be arrested for taking another man's life. He should be tried for removing a son from a mother's arms. Allow a jury of peers decide whether it was self defense or whether it was shooting without warrant. Do not allow this man to go free without paying the family for his error.

I do believe in the right to self defense. I think that if a person threatens me, I should be able to defend myself. I don't think that I should use this justification to kill someone whose mere appearance in my neighborhood just makes me jump. If I kill someone when they have threatened me, I want the law to take me in and question me. I want the family of the threatening person to be able to have me arrested and accused with a crime. I believe in the right of self defense as a means to defend oneself in court. I do not believe in the right of self defense as a means of covering up for a crime.

Trayvon Martin walked through the wrong part of town, and was killed by a man who thought he was doing the right thing. That man was wrong and should pay the price. A white man can walk through Harlem at the wrong time of the evening and get shot by a hoodlum protecting his turf. That hoodlum would be arrested and charged with a crime. The same should be done to Trayvon's killer.

Kelly Allison, Berlin

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