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The Sun's offensive Gaza headline denies Palestinian personhood [Letter]

I feel horrified by the headline in the Baltimore Sun "Sharp rise in Gaza deaths: 13 Israeli soldiers, 70 others killed; Kerry to seek end to fighting" ("July 21). I find it deeply offensive to represent dead Palestinians as "others," stripping them as human beings in the context of family, community, people. On their own land, dead in their own streets, for The Baltimore Sun these were not mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters; they were nondescript "others" with no names, context or person-hood. In representing them in this way you are doing the American public a great disservice by reinforcing vacuous images of faceless "others" against images of an Israel desperately defending itself against uncivilized hordes when in reality Palestinians are under a brutal and soulless assault.

Carla Curio, Seattle, Wash.

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