Hamas is not interested in peace [Letter]

Your recent editorial on the conflict in Gaza is at best naive and misinformed ("The way forward in Gaza," July 25).

The blockade of Gaza exists for security reasons only. Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and does not care about the fate of the Palestinian people.

Examples abound. The economic situation in Gaza is 100 percent the result of Hamas diverting funds and materials for its own use to build tunnels, stockpile weapons and support terrorism. These are facts.

Having an international force has not in the past prevented terrorist organizations from stockpiling weapons — look at Lebanon or even the UN locations in Gaza.

Your proposed "solution" feeds into the propaganda and only strengthens Hamas' ability to continue and expand its terrorist objectives. Since Hamas is not interested in peaceful co-existence with Israel, your solution actually rewards Hamas for its campaign of terror.

Sonny Taragin

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