If God made us in His image, how can the religious oppose gay marriage?

I am would like to say something to those religious folks who are fighting against gay marriage. We now know that sexual orientation is not a choice; it is in our DNA, we are born heterosexual or homosexual. If you believe in God, you believe God made us in His image. Thus, God made both straight and gay people.

Over the years religious people have been able to accept that world is not flat and that the sun does not revolve around the earth and that these facts do not threaten their faith. Now it's time to accept and love all of God's children. Religious people used to disdain gay people for having what they assumed to be a promiscuous lifestyle. I hope they will be able to support and celebrate the aspirations of gay citizens to proclaim a lifetime commitment and love for each other, and to realize that gays' petitions to take wedding vows serves to affirm the universal sanctity of marriage for us all.

David Katz, Baltimore

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