O'Malley gas tax imposes another unjustified burden on citizens

I was surprised to read that Gov.Martin O'Malleyis now concerned about bridge and highway safety ("O'Malley to make case for increase in gas tax," March 14). He certainly wasn't concerned when he and the legislature were robbing the transportation fund for other unfunded items.

Now he wants to raise the gasoline tax by 6 cents per gallon in an appropriation bill that the voters can do nothing about. Other taxes include a 6 percent sales tax on cable bills and increases in the income tax.

You can tell he is not running for re-election. But there will be many who will be. I suggest that Maryland's taxpayers pay attention to how lawmakers in Annapolis vote on these issues.

It is disgraceful how our lame-duck governor continues to beat up on hard-working citizens. It's time we stood up and voted out the lawmakers who go along with him — and vote against Mr. O'Malley when he tries to go to Washington.

D. Litchfield

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