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Slim evidence to raise gas tax [Letter]

I have been reading numerous articles on how the transportation budget has been drastically declining, and the proposal is to raise the federal tax per gallon of gasoline. The premise is that with more fuel efficient vehicles on the road, those vehicles use less gas therefore pay less taxes while causing the same amount of damage to infrastructure.

My question to The Sun would be: How are you evaluating those conditions? We may have more fuel efficient vehicles, yes, we also have many more vehicles today than in 1956 ("The toll on U.S. roads," May 14).

I work in the transportation industry and constantly strive to find workable solutions to congestion on the roadways — an idea that we would not have considered an issue 50 years ago. Do you have any figures I could look at to verify that our country is losing money on the gasoline tax?

If you could look at tax per gallon per vehicle from just 20 years ago to today, that would be fascinating information that I would like to see. Vehicle counts continue to rise and gas use continues to rise so please show me numbers that verify that transportation is losing money so that your argument makes sense to me.

I truly do not mean to sound gruff, I just continue to see article after article on this issue and would like to see some figures to back up the claim.

Joyce Quackenbush

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