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Now is not the time for a gas tax increase

Regarding The Sun's insistence on raising the gas tax ("Gas tax realities," Oct. 13), perhaps The Sun is out of touch with Maryland citizens. Many Marylanders are unemployed or their salaries have not returned to 2008 levels. A 15-cent increase will not only cause pain at the pump, but delivery prices and food prices will rise. As for increased transportation jobs, this would not happen for several years. What Marylanders need is jobs now, and these are never created by raising taxes.

Make Maryland a more attractive place for companies to invest. Retrain the unemployed with skills for the growing job areas. As for William Donald Schaefer raising the gas tax 5 cents in 1992, that was when the unemployment rate was 7.6 percent, unlike today when Baltimore's rate is 11.5 percent.

M. Link, Baltimore

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