All politicians think about is raising taxes on the poor

It seems that all politicians can think about today is raising taxes that only affect the poor ("O'Malley weighing rise in gas tax," Oct. 18). Heaven forbid they should consider raising taxes on the rich.

Don't any of them realize that the average working taxpayer — and the unemployed worker — is being taxed to the breaking point?

People can't afford the normal necessities of daily living today with the cost of everything on the rise — food, clothing, rent, etc. Everything, that is, except the average wage!

If the governor and others would look into alterative sources of revenue like freezing all government wages and/or cutting the pay and benefits of elected officials, it would ease the burden of the taxpayer.

It took some time for the extremely profitable big oil companies to get off the pot and lower the price of gas. But now along comes Gov. Martin O'Malley to take the last crumb out of the mouth of the average citizen. And everyone knows the oil companies will raise the price of gas again anyway.

The 2012 elections are getting close, and it is about time for people to consider a complete removal of the current crop of politicians in order to give the average taxpayer some different options.

Bart Rejrat, Curtis Bay

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