Gansler's campaign is about more than a teen beach party [Letter]

I normally agree with columnist Dan Rodricks' assertions and conclusions, but I was disappointed with his comments regarding Attorney General Doug Gansler's gubernatorial campaign ("10 weeks out, 2 questions for Maryland Democrats," April 12).

Mr. Rodricks chose to focus on the beach-house party in Delaware last summer that Mr. Gansler briefly visited. However, either he doesn't know the facts about that incident or he simply considers them irrelevant.

The Instagram photo does show Mr. Gansler amid a group of partying teenagers, including his son. The photo also shows adult chaperons keeping an eye on the revelers — but Mr. Rodricks doesn't bother to point that out.

He also neglects to note that the party house was rented for graduation week festivities by five sets of student parents who slept in the house all week — with at least two of them chaperoning at all times.

Seems to me they were a pretty responsible bunch of parents. I live in the area, and I neither heard nor read of any public drunkenness, neighbor complaints or police visits. While parents may have given their tacit approval to beer-drinking at the party, strong alcohol and wine were not permitted.

Anyone with graduating teenagers knows it is traditional for them to carouse in Ocean City for days, often causing disturbances and prompting calls to the police. To hammer Mr. Gansler for not stopping a far more responsible party — which would have been the responsibility of the teens' parents — is unfair and misleading.

Why not focus on at least some of the exciting, fiscally-conservative ideas Mr. Gansler wants to put into effect as governor — such as his plan for wooing manufacturers to move to Maryland, and motivating businesses already located here to stay by lowering tax rates?

Mr. Gansler has the best job creation and retention plan I've seen in this campaign. He also calls for free child care for low-income families. This would help poor families find and keep jobs.

While Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and other candidates were quick to copy Mr. Gansler's plan, they would extend this aid to all families. That may sound like good politics, but to me it sounds like more unnecessarily expensive government, since most higher income workers can afford to pay for child care.

And why does Mr. Rodricks ignore Mr. Gansler's ideas for making it easier for inmates leaving prison to find jobs? Finding employment for released inmates can only help lower the extremely high recidivism rate in Maryland.

Tom Sandusky, Ocean Pines

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